Çerez Örnek
The Last Journey Documentary

In the "Last Journey Documentary" prepared with archive footage donated by Izmir journalist Haluk Cansın to Ege University, there are images shot in "color" by an Italian production company during the transfer of Atatürk's body from the Ethnography Museum to Anıtkabir. The script was written by Prof. Dr. Archive footage in the documentary written by Dilek Takımcı. See. Compiled from Yiğit Açık. His editing was done by Hülya Hamarat from Ege University Media Application and Research Center, and music design and management was done by Lecturer at Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory. See. Dr. It was done by Serdar Kastelli. Ege University Faculty of Medicine academic staff member Prof. Dr. The poem of Elif Dila İmançer was featured in the documentary voiced by Ersin Koylu. You can watch the documentary from the link below:

Ege Üniversitesi