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The list of films prepared by Ege University Media Application and Research Center is as follows:


  1. Metallic Implants (Implant Seminars) (1988)
  2. Metallic Implant Materials Used in Orthopedic Field, Assoc. Dr. Tevfik Aksoy (1988)
  3. Implant Materials and Properties, Assoc. Dr. Naci Otmanbölük (1988)
  4. Structure of Implant Materials, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Sami Aksoy (1988)
  5. Metallic Implant Materials, Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Çakır, (1988)
  6. Manufacturing and Strength of Implant Materials, Assoc. Dr. Naci Otmanbölük (1988)
  7. Quality Control in Hip Prosthesis, Assoc. Dr. S. Karadeniz (1988)
  8. Thyroid and Larynx Cartilage, Prof. Dr. İsmail Ulutaş (1988)
  9. We Are Interesting, Covering Different Systems. Dr. Esin Emin Ustun (1988)
  10. Stapedectomy, Small Hole Clip Piston Technique, Prof. Dr. Orhan Cura
  11. L'arytenoidopexile, Prof. Dr. Orhan Cura
  12. Microlaryngoscopy and Andolaringeal Microsurgery, Prof. Dr. Orhan Cura
  13. Endolymphatic Pouch Decompression and Drainage
  14. Evidman Petromastoidien (Radical Mastoidectomy)
  15. Diagnostic Endoscopy and Video documentation in ENT
  16. Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises
  17. Supraglottic Partial Laryngectomy and Unilateral Modified Radical Neck Dissection, Prof. Dr. Vecihi Bilgen
  18. Computerized Phonatic Examinations, Prof. Dr. Fatih Öğüt
  19. Vestibular Rehabilitation in Patients with Vertigo
  20. Thyrotomy and Cordectomy, Prof. Dr. Atilla Yavuzer
  21. Stapedectomy, Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Ege
  22. Diagnostic Endoscopy and Video Documentation in Ear Nose Throat, Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Ege
  23. Total Laryngectomy and Radical Neck Dissection, Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Ege
  24. Maxillo-Ethmoido Sphenoidal Intervention with Delogving Approach, Prof. Dr. Övünç Günhan
  25. Modified Radical Mastoidectomy (Bondy Operation)
  26. Ege University Faculty of Medicine ENT Pilot Deaf Mute Kindergarten Studies, Prof. Dr. Övünç Günhan
  27. Surgery in Ethmoido Maxillary Malignant Tumors, Prof. Dr. Övünç Günhan
  28. Orbito-Palato-Dental Spreading Maxilla Cancer Surgery, Prof. Dr. Övünç Günhan (1987)
  29. Penile Implant Techniques and New Developments in Impotence Therapy Dr. Arman Çağdaş
  30. Endolymphatic Sac Decompression and Drainage Surgery in the Treatment of Meniere's Disease, Prof. Dr. Orhan Cura (1991)
  31. A New Technique in the Management of the Posteriorly Dislocated Intraocular Lenses - Dr. Tansu Erakgün (1999)
  32. Reconstruction of Saddle Noise Integrated Dorsal Graft Collmellar Strut, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın (1999)
  33. A Day of Radiology, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Memiş (1999)
  34. General Surgery Patient Education Film, Prof. Dr. Orhan Özbal (1999)
  35. Graves's Ophtalmopathy, Prof. Dr. Taylan Kabalak (2000)
  36. Chronic Type 1 Dissection, Assoc. Dr. Suat Bouquet
  37. Repair of Post-Traumati Thoracal Aneurysm Via
  38. Ascending Aorta and Innominate Artery Aneurysm
  39. TVR with Mitral Homograft
  40. Single-Stage Total Aortic Replacement, Prof. Dr. Anıl Apaydın
  41. Lower Oblique Myectomy,
  42. Protection of Anterior Ciliary Arteries in Strabismus Treatment,
  43. V Pattern Exotropia
  44. V Patern Esotropia
  45. Secondary Foldable Lens Implantation in Facial Eyes
  46. Molteno Tube Implantation, F. W. Price JR MD.
  47. Open Technical Rhinoplasty in Curved Nose, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  48. Septorinoplasty in a Cephalic Lateral Crustal Type, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  49. The Steps of Rhinoplasty with a Theme, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  50. Trans Cartilaginous Rhinoplasty and Endoscopic Septoplasty, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  51. Mustarde Technique, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  52. Bakı Methods in ENT, Total Structural Grafting in Alar Insufficiency, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  53. Semerburun, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  54. Senstrom Technique, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Apaydın
  55. Fungal Sinusitis and Endoscopic Surgery, Prof. Dr. Bülent Karcı
  56. Endoscopic Surgery in Different Nasal Masses, Prof. Dr. Bülent Karcı
  57. Medical School of Ege University, Physical Exam Training Series-Abdominal Examination, Prof. Dr. Ömer Özütemiz
  58. Medical School of Ege University, Physical Exam Training Series-Romotological Exam, Prof. Dr. Jasmine
  59. Medical School of Ege University, Physical Exam Training Series-Neurological Exam, Prof. Dr. Hatice Karasoy
  60. Medical School of Ege University, Physical Exam Training Series-Chest Diseases Examination, Prof. Dr. Tuncak Goksel
  61. Medical School of Ege University, Physical Exam Training Series-Thyroid Gland Examination, Prof. Dr. Gokhan Ozgen
  62. Medical School of Ege University, Physical Examination Training Series-Cardiological Examination, Assoc. Dr. Meral Kayıkçıoğlu
  63. Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair, Prof. Dr. Sinan Ersin
  64. Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  65. Laparoscopic RCC Recurrence Resection, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  66. Laparoscopic RPLND, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  67. Laparoscopic Ureterolitotomy, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  68. Laparoscopic Vental Hernia Repair, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  69. Pure Laparoscopic resection of a Renal Fossa Reccurence of RCC, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  70. Transubilic Single Port Laparoscopic Renal Cyst Decortication, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  71. Transubilic Single Port Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, Assoc. Dr. Burak Turna
  72. Legal Challenges in Approach to Trauma Patient, Assoc. Dr. Aytac Kocak
  73. Supravalvular Aortic Stenosis Repair with Yacoub Procedure, Prof. Dr. Anıl Apaydın
  74. Good Publication Practices Training - Preparation of Research Report Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hatice Şahin
  75. Good Publishing Practices Training - Research Design, Prof. Dr. Sibel Goksel
  76. Good Publication Practices Training - Scientific Information and Research Ethics, Prof. Dr. Light Tuğlular
  77. Good Publishing Practices Training - Critical Publication Reading According to Consort Criteria, Assoc. Dr. Şebnem Apaydın
  78. Good Publication Practices Training - Statistics and Unethical Practices in Clinical Researches, Spc. Dr. Kivanc Yuksel
  79. Good Broadcast Practices Training - The Concept of Good Broadcast Practices, Assoc. Dr. Şebnem Apaydın
  80. Endotracheal Mold Cuff Pressure Monitoring, Assoc. Dr. Türkan Özbayı (2009)
  81. Ege University Blood Center Promotional Film, Professor. Dr. Yeşim Aydınok (2011)
  82. Introductory Film of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture (2013)
  83. Rational Drug Use (EÜTF Hospital Accreditation Studies), Prof. Dr. Okan Gülbahar (2013)
  84. Hand Washing Training (EÜTF Hospital Accreditation Studies) Dr. Okan Gülbahar (2013)
  85. Cessation Advice Training, (EÜTF Hospital Accreditation Studies), Professor. Dr. Okan Gülbahar (2013)
  86. Complications During Basic Endoscopy Applications, Professor Sinan Ersin (Ege University Faculty of Medicine, 2020)


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