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Radio Ege Campus FM 100.8 MHz
Radio Ege Campus, the first radio of Ege University broadcasting from FM band, started broadcasting both on FM band 100.8 Mhz and online in its studios located in BİTAM's Faculty of Medicine building on 26.11.2001. Radio Ege Campus, which was transported to the Faculty of Communication in 2002, was built in Ege University Student Village with the contributions of the State Turkish Music Conservatory, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Education, Health, Culture and Sports Department under the coordination of BİTAM. moved to their studio. On 15.10.2017 BİTAM was transformed into Ege University Media Application and Research Center (EGEMM). Since then, Radio Ege Kampüs has been broadcasting under the responsibility of EGEMM.
Radio General Coordinator: Lecturer Gamze EROL
Administrative Responsible and Music Coordinator: Lecturer Levent USLU
Announcer: Esra YILDIRIM
Announcer: Cihan AKBUDAK
Tonemaister: Taylan EREN
Tonemaister: Kadir ISLAH
Staff: Recep ATA
Address: Radio Ege Campus, Ege University Campus Student Village 35040, Bornova-İzmir,
Phone: + 90 (232) 342 43 02,
Fax: + 90 (232) 342 43 04,
E-Mail: radio@mail.ege.edu.tr
Web Page: http://radyo.ege.edu.tr

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