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News Agency of Ege University
Ege University is the first university in Turkey between universities dry his own news agency. Ege University Press School Director Prof. Dr. Özcan Özal's initiatives and rector of the period Prof. Dr. With the approval of Sermed Akgün, Asst. Assoc. Dr. It was put into operation by Oğuzhan Kavaklı on February 2, 1987. The establishment purpose of Ege Agency is; Ensuring that the scientific, cultural, social events, meetings and practices held at the university are conveyed to the media in a correct and healthy way. Ege Ajans also undertook the organization of Ege University's press conferences, conducted research on media and pioneered various responsibility projects. The first operating and operating directive of the agency was accepted by the Ege University Senate on January 27, 1987, with its decision numbered 4.
Ege Agency started to operate under EGEMM with the establishment of Ege University Media Application and Research Center (EGEMM) on 15.10.2017. Since then, Ege Agency, which has strengthened its personnel structure as well as its physical facilities, has prepared the news bulletins of Ege University TV and Radio Ege Campus, and in coordination with Ege University Press Relations Branch Office, it is important to ensure correct and healthy news flow in the media from Ege University. continues to play a role.
Duties of Ege Agency:
To ensure that the news, information and announcements requested to be served to the press by the Rectorate and affiliated organizations
To follow all kinds of social and cultural activities and sports activities within Ege University and convey them to the press.
Conducting news studies (non-political) by extending the limits of receiving news outside the university, when necessary, in order for students of the Faculty of Communication to gain experience
To organize press conferences by contacting faculties, schools, institutes and application research centers as well as other units affiliated to the rectorate in a comprehensive manner and communicating with the relevant units on issues they wish to announce to the public.
To announce the functions and activities of faculties, colleges and application research centers to the public through the press; In addition, to organize "promotional meetings" in coordination with relevant units in order to meet the press members and university administrators.
To realize the appropriate publication of "Kalem Newspaper" published on behalf of Ege University Rectorate.
Ege Agency News Manager in Charge: Prof. Dr. Bilgehan GÜLTEKİN
Egem News Coordinator: Chief Yunus ATMACA
Editor, Reporter: Zeynep AYDOĞDU
Editor, Reporter: Türker BECERİKLİ
Video News Service: Sumru ÜZAN
Web & Social Media: Zümrüt AÇIK
Staff: Onur GARGILI
Phone: 0 (232) 311 40 76
Web Page: https://euegeajans.com

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