Çerez Örnek
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Mission & Vision

To develop deep and multi-faceted relationships with the media; Ege University with all the tools and methods of communication to ensure the representation of Turkey in a qualified manner in all areas and to strengthen the brand Ege University in this direction. To form an integrated communication strategy of Ege University and to carry out content production processes on this basis. The projects, scientific studies etc. carried out by Ege University in various fields such as research, invention, and social responsibility. To convey awareness to the public and its interlocutors in a planned, continuous and effective manner, to create awareness. To closely monitor and evaluate the world of media and thought, and to carry out practices in this direction, to inform the public, especially students, in this framework. Organizing / developing relations with the press; to take steps to facilitate the work of press members and contribute to the development of the press by educating qualified students with the training and applications of the Faculty of Communication. To make and execute necessary studies and arrangements for effective management of university-community communication. To conduct research on radio and television technologies, to ensure the most effective and efficient use of new technologies, to increase the number of qualified graduates that the sector needs in this field. To create, enrich and protect the visual memory of Ege University.
To be an educational and research institution that has a voice in the field of media and broadcasting in the national and international fields, conducts world-class quality education and research activities, can use information and communication technologies effectively, efficiently and spread to the society with radio and television broadcasting.

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